Saturday, March 19, 2011

COL Halt -- what happened at Rendalsham?

Stop the UFO censorship!!!

Robert Salas SPEAKS!!!

Robert Salas -- UFOs & Nukes!

Big crowds two days in a row!

Peter Ribbons shows considerable sack and inordinate style in his presentation!

Peter Robbins -- LEFT AT EAST GATE

Disclosure: the beginning NOT the end...

Disclosure? It's the train, eh?

Bryce Zabel -- "Dark Skies" was "Disclosure Lite"

David Koch's military rank is Sgt. First Class, three stripes and two rockers!

Sgt. David Koch had a UFO encounter while on duty in Iraq.

Salas, Halt, and Marcel pass the ufological military torch to Sgt. David Koch

Carey & Schmitt

Guiley & Imbrogno

Frank Feschino


More by Dolan

Dolan & Zabel

Kim Carlsberg

Salas & Klotz

Robbins and Warren

Richard Dolan prepares to introduce Rosemary Ellen Guiley...

Robert Salas and Peter Robbins

Richard Dolan & Steve Bassett

Some pretty icky stuff!

Witkowski's presentation is altogether chilling ...

Here's the 3 day schedule...

Bruce Witkowski on human abduction and mutilation.